Resurrection, the fourth production of Centre d’études du chant liturgique arménien.


  1. Hearing the Angel’s message…
  2. Lord, you descended and took flesh…
  3. You who were raised from the dead…
  4. The marvelous women fearlessly came to visit the tomb, for perfect love knows no fear.
  5. A new and resplendent flower has appeared today.
  6. Glory be to your holy name, God of our fathers.
  7. O Savior, by your mercy, save me.
  8. Today Heaven and earth rejoice in your Resurrection.
  9. Glory be to the all-powerful Resurrection of Christ.
  10. You seek the crucified one?
  11. The Lord, the unique Son, like a bolt of lightning…
  12. The marvelous angel of the Lord joyfully descended to the tomb.
  13. The Lord has risen from the tomb.
  14. The resplendent angel sitting on the boulder announced.
  15. Glory be to your Resurrection!
  16. At your marvelous Resurrection.
  17. Let us also sing praises with the angels

Armenian Modal Chant